About Us

About Us

We have started our work in the year 1975, on occasion of 'VijayaDashmi (Duhssera)', by the name of 'INDRADHANUSH' as cloths merchant at New Market, Bhopal. That was a normal small incident in the business world. Though it couldn't make any sound as a small stone like us dropped in to the cool and calm water of Bhopal's clothes business related activities,but the waves produced by our honest and dedicated efforts have delighted each and every corner of clothing business, as 'Indradhanush' in men's wear, 'Indralok' in sarees and ladies wear, 'Rangashivir' in cotton and handloom, 'Ghar Sansar' in furnishing and home decoration and 'Indraprasth' in school uniforms and work wear. It is an ancient belief that The Pandavas got a state on their part which was totally disparate and deserted, the Pandavas meliorate that state into a really splendid, imaginative beautiful and olympian Territory 'Indraprasth' by their hard work and strong will power.

That's why 'Indraprasth' is the word that instigate us, our inspiration source that inspired us that vision, creativity and hard working can convert any difficult and disparate part of life or business into easy, beautiful and splendid area. Surely, where 'Indraprasth' word resembles the imaginary beauty and splendor, it also includes the long progressive journey of hard work, vision, dedication towards goal and sturdiness.


Our Mission

Indraprasth uniforms' mission is to provide our customers the perfect and best quality uniforms at the most affordable prices followed by great customer service. We are committed to ensure availability of every size of ready to wear uniform with correct shade of fabrics and accessories throughout the year. Our innovative approach to design and implementation of uniform programs has enabled schools adopt a uniform look that reflects the pride that students, parents and administration feel about their school. We assist schools through the initiate planning stages with help of our lot of samples and VCD's coordinating schools during measuring, distribution and follow-up visits.

"Riding the high tide of excellence, across waves of style shades and colours with uniformity."

Why Us?

we are the designer, manufacturer and retailer of high quality, comfortable and easy to care, skin friendly school uniforms and corporate uniforms

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Foundation of Indraprasth

In early 1980's, the uniforms in schools were dull and disarranged in Bhopal and in the whole state, which was like a punishment for students and arrangement for it was very tedious and stressful for parents as well. First of all, they had to search all across for the cloth with the piece of cloth material, after that if any local tailor somehow got ready, then charges would had been very high. Moreover for the delivery, again parents have to make several rounds to the tailor's shop. Even after that there was no guarantee that the dress stitched by the tailor would fit to the child. To wear loose, unfit, unarranged sacks like uniforms, was really like disaster for students and tragic for parents.

Un-uniformity on part of shades and fitting gave poor impression of the school. Earlier, it was a like a seasonal business, on searching for dress material the uniforms could be available only in July and August season, but in mid-session if someone required uniform, it was very difficult to find out even a single shop in the whole city where they surely maintain the cloth or uniform's stock.

Such sort of negligence and irresponsible system in market for a huge part of our population, our youngster small children's intense requirement, was observed and felt by our founder Mr.Khandelwal, and he decided to break this very new ground. This visionary understood deeply the infinite opportunities in this business and decided to turn this disparate challenging business to structured, beautiful huge and splendid Indraprasth. Therefore, the business was established on 1st April 1984 at Bhopal in New Market, the forthcoming commercial heart of the city, by the name of 'INDRAPRASTH'.

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